Marcia Carole teaching The Woman At The Well.

Bible Story Book Collage (2-3 Hour Workshop)

Marcia Carole has created collaged Bible story books to teach children and adults Biblical truths and timeless stories. Her training from "Simply The Story" has enriched her teaching of the Bible. The visual art, of her books, reaches hearts as she teaches Biblical narrative. Her list of collaged books include: The Creation, Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, Joseph, Ruth, Hannah, The 23rd Psalm, The Prodigal Son, The Woman At The Well, The Woman Caught In Adultery, The Woman With the Issue Of Blood, The Good Samaritan, The Parable of the Sower and the Seeds, and the Gospel Story. She has just completed a book to tell Noah's story from the Bible.

Marcia Carole shares her Bible story collage books, and then she has participants respond by making their own collage art books. This is one of her available workshops for groups. This is a 2-3 hour workshop.

Check out Marcia's latest book here: Noah's Story 

When participants at Marcia's workshops collage the Bible stories they have learned, the art helps them to internalize the stories. They can then use the art books to tell the stories to others. 

Above: Marcia working with women in Central Asia. 

Below: Marcia Carole teaching in Cambodia.

In the photo above, several children in India have made collage art in response to the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. Making the art helps them remember the story and have their own art work to take home. The process of making the art helps them creatively respond to the Bible story. 

A collaged book for Psalm 23,                                      Made in the United States 

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