Click on the video at right to see an overview on making masks to tell parts of our stories. Hopefully, this will help those who live far away and cannot attend a workshop.

Behind Your Mask (2 Hour Workshop)

Participants are given a blank white mask found at a hobby store, art supply story, or craft supply store. Each participant is also given access to magazine pictures, printed words, painted papers, bling items and buttons, along with scissors and a glue stick. Have sheets of wax paper on hand for participants to use to protect work surfaces.

1. On one side of the mask, participants glue on items that represent how they try to look on the outside and what they are publicly known for. 
2. On the reverse side, participants glue on items that represent things that are hidden, maybe roped off from discussion and from God, such as trauma, abuse, violation, racism and other sorrow. Perhaps unforgiveness is "mentioned" through the art. The art is a bridge to share a person's story. 
3.Then, as the work is discussed in small groups or one on one, prayer and truth should be spoken into the participant's life and story. Through healing prayer and Scripture spoken into the participant's life, unresolved issues, trauma, abuse, unforgiveness, etc., can be carried to Jesus. A participant can also spend time alone with God, praying about things brought up with the mask.

Here is the more hidden part of this participant's story. It is on the back side of her mask. 

One suggestion - After a time of sharing both sides of our masks, take time to pray for the things brought to the light. Then, consider bringing Scripture to various situations, or take new, redemptive pictures and place them next to the original pictures that may have expressed sorrow, loss, violation, shame, decease, abuse, hatred, prejudice, or issues with faith.

Below, see the front and back of a participant's mask. Both sides are important for discussion and prayer. It would be a helpful project for a variety of groups including: a leadership team, mentoring teams, short term missions teams and small groups. Teams can break into small groups of two and three allowing time to pray for each other as masks are shared.

Here is the front of a participant's mask. 

         Here is the back of a participant's mask.