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New Prints - Restoration

Posted by Marcia Carole on Wednesday, July 31, 2013,

Restoration, Acrylic on canvas, Marcia Carole

The wonderful buyer of my latest canvas, Restoration, has generously allowed me to make prints. Full size prints will be $175.00 due to the size. (30x40) Small prints will be within the range of my usual pricing. After the art workshops I will be doing in the next few weeks, I will begin selling these prints. I am looking forward to having a small one in my own home!

If you "steal" the above jpeg, please ask me permission to use the jpeg, and credit...

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Joseph - Continued

Posted by Marcia Carole on Wednesday, July 24, 2013,

Here is a peek into the next 4 pages of the story of Joseph. I will use this "book" with children and small groups of adults. Having studied the passage for hours and hours, I have 
internalized much of the Biblical account. Therefore, I don't need to have the Bible with me when I am sharing the story. I also have the flexibility to adapt it to different cultures as needed. I pray the Lord uses it to make much of Himself.
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Lavender Farm Painting

Posted by Marcia Carole on Monday, July 22, 2013,

Lavender Fields Forever, oil on canvas, Marcia Carole

Having completed this painting back at home, I felt comfortable bringing it back for the farmer and his wife to see. He had emailed and said he wanted to buy it for his wife for their 30th wedding anniversary. He did want to have her give final approval, so I drove over, oil paint fumes wafting through the car. As I showed it to her, she said to her husband, "I love it." I relaxed a bit and smiled. I wanted them to really like it. Every art...

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Loaves and Fishes

Posted by Marcia Carole on Tuesday, July 16, 2013,

Painted papers for telling our stories, acrylic on watercolor paper

When I am gathering bits and pieces of fabric, ribbons and painted papers, I feel like I am packing a little lunch of loaves and fishes. I'm giving my little pile of raw materials to Jesus, just like the little boy gave his small lunch to Jesus. That lunch fed thousands of people when it was in Jesus' hands. There were even leftovers. 

The disciples looked at the lunch, the raw materials, and thought it would be impossible to f...

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Painting En Plein Air at Woodinville Lavender

Posted by Marcia Carole on Sunday, July 14, 2013,

Lavender Fields Forever, Oil on Canvas, Marcia Carole

Lavender Fields Forever, Oil on Canvas, Marcia Carole

What a beautiful Seattle day to paint en plein air! I hope all that sunlight killed a few cancer cell. (I think getting a little color is good prep for India.) I'll add a few highlights after the oils dry, and I want to paint in a couple of reapers of the lavender - maybe one with a big, red hat . I was happy to have such a beautiful day to hang out at the lavender farm that carries my ar...

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Storying The Bible Through Collage - Joseph

Posted by Marcia Carole on Wednesday, July 10, 2013,

I'll be tucking this new collaged book into my suitcase for India. I'll be telling the story of Joseph. Telling Bible stories by using art in a book format or "flash cards" format has been a very portable way to bring these stories to faraway places, crossing language and cultural barriers. Here, I am showing Jacob with an inappropriate love for the son of his wife, Rachel, who has died. Jacob's adoration of Joseph causes hatred and jealousy among his brothers.

Joseph, the very much favored so...

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Marcia Carole It is my pleasure to help many to process their stories by using a variety of art forms. The art reaches non-verbal parts of the brain, where trauma is stored. Healing may take place through the art-making. By sharing our stories, we become known. Instead of running from our stories, we embrace them and see how God can redeem them and use them.
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