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Creative Call June Workshop

Posted by Marcia Carole on Thursday, May 8, 2014,

Mark your calendars, RSVP, and plan to attend a workshop sponsored by my church, which will help you in learning some of the art I do locally and globally. My team of volunteers are preparing even now, so you will have a wonderful afternoon of creating. This is my final group, teaching workshop, on this scale, before the move to Colorado.  Check Out Details Here.
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The Creative Call Goes On Vacation

Posted by Marcia Carole on Wednesday, May 7, 2014,

Lovely Lucca, Italia Original Watercolor, Marcia Carole

It's time for a little R&R after a whirlwind three years of fighting cancer and serving Jesus with art. The Creative Call is going on vacation. The studio will be well cared for while I am away, friends are prepping for upcoming workshops, and I'm quite far along in packing for the move to Colorado. So, off I will go with friend and mentor, Marge, to the one place on earth where I can relax - Italia. Ciao! 

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E -Luminations - Ribbon of Remembrance

Posted by Marcia Carole on Monday, May 5, 2014,
I'd like to take a blog post to thank a new friend who recently wrote about her experience in a story rope workshop. How beautifully she used words to express her experience! I marvel at her gifting! One day, I'd love to hear her tell her story with her story rope. Please take a moment to read her writing, and perhaps join her on her journey with E-Luminations. Check out Marjorie's writing HERE.

Marjorie's Story Rope

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Collage - Finding The Essence Of Things

Posted by Marcia Carole on Sunday, May 4, 2014,

God's Story, Collaged Story Tags, Marcia Carole

When I am collaging a story, whether it is mine or another's, I try to get at the essence of each part of the story, then use colors, shapes and pictures to make "visible that which is invisible." "What is the most important aspect of that part of the story?," I ask myself. How will I artfully, visually represent individual sections of the over-arching story?

Getting to the essence of story is very much a process. I lay down colors and shapes, the...

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God's Story With Collaged Story Tags

Posted by Marcia Carole on Saturday, May 3, 2014,

I have made a series of collaged "luggage tags" out of every day tags one can purchase at any office supply store. The tags tell God's story from creation, to the coming of Jesus, to our home-going to Heaven. I have woven my story into God's story. In reality, my story is part of God's larger story. Each one of our stories are important for the telling of God's story.

I have made a sleeve for the tags, and I have decorated it to bring to Italy.

The collaged tags are tucked in the collaged sleev...
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Painting Papers II - Texture

Posted by Marcia Carole on Thursday, May 1, 2014,
Painting Papers For Story Collage Continues

Take one of your painted papers that has dried….

Use a sponge or carpet scrap with two or three colors and dab the texture onto your painted paper.

Get some sequin waste, and dab contrasting paint colors onto a dried painted paper. I purchased my sequin waste on Etsy. Move the sequin waste carefully across the paper only after dabbing each section, until you have a fully painted paper of this texture. It doesn't need to be perfect.

This texture can be...

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Painting Papers For Artful Collage Storytelling Part I

Posted by Marcia Carole on Thursday, May 1, 2014,
Here is a quick overview of how to make brightly colored painted papers for story collage. A sunny day makes for fun painting!

I try to use at least three or four colors for each of my painted papers. I put the paint on a paper plate. I use acrylic paint to paint my watercolor or bristol board papers. Papers used for print making work really well, too.  Above, you can see a variety of brands of acrylics, but I prefer "Golden" for colors that really sing or pop, as my daughter, Annie would say....

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Marcia Carole It is my pleasure to help many to process their stories by using a variety of art forms. The art reaches non-verbal parts of the brain, where trauma is stored. Healing may take place through the art-making. By sharing our stories, we become known. Instead of running from our stories, we embrace them and see how God can redeem them and use them.
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