In a Dark Hole, Painted Papers Collage, Marcia Carole

And When He Has Tried Me, Painted Papers Collage, Marcia Carole

Come Forth As Gold, Painted Papers Collage, Marcia Carole

It was an inspiring and edifying evening with Marge last night. One on one mentoring. I always learn more about art, calling, story, what other artists are doing world-wide, and about God when I'm with her. I constantly take notes. She enlarges my life as I re-think hopes and plans.

We ended the evening with scenes from Italy way past bedtime, but very much worth it. Blessed by Marge and Nelson's generosity, kindness and care in sharing life, I headed off to bed filled with wonder.

They are being used by God as a part of my refining so I can finish well, "come forth as gold" and reflect my Maker in my life. As I wake to another sunny day with Marge, I am filled with thanksgiving for this gift of time with two very special friends who have profoundly affected the course of my life. And I think, will I be courageous, will I be caring and take the time to invest in others to help them in their gifting as Marge and Nelson do? Will I spur others on, with my time, so they come forth as gold?

But he knows where I am going. And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold- Job 23:10