Evening Pears, Original Watercolor, Marcia Carole

There is lots of waiting in this life. As a cancer patient, that is certainly the case. I'm waiting to see if the Lord heals me or takes me home. Right now, I am waiting to see if the new medication will actually starve the cancer cells. I'm waiting to see if the plant-based, vegan diet is helpful in "turning off" the initiation of cancer cells. Are the vast amounts of kale, wheat berries and carrots doing anything? 

While rubbing my hand over my scalp, I'm waiting for hair to grow back. (Hey, there are five new hairs today!) Seems silly to be concerned about the hair when life is on the line. Oh well, I'm a woman. Which reminds me; I'm waiting for that curly wig I ordered weeks ago. 

In the darkest parts of the night, I am waiting on the Lord, to relieve me of the shooting pain in my hip bone. Eventually, my body gives in to sleep, and I wake with the pain eased a bit. I rise to begin the waiting once again. The pace of my waiting has slowed. We rush around in our hurrying, and we usually try to rush our waiting. I've stopped that quite a bit.

I took up my painting of the three pears, seen above, because a friend wanted a "grouping" of some of my art. She wanted work with earth tones. I laid down two of my art pieces, bowl of apples and pears, and two apples, that would work well together. I then dug up the original of the three pears, and with all the time I have on my hands waiting around, I put down more layers of vivid color. Layer upon layer. Now, the three pears look very well grouped with the bowl of apples and pears and the two apples. (Shown below.)

It's funny; I made the three paintings roughly four to six years ago. They have been waiting for their big moment as a grouping. But, it makes me think. Just like all the work I did years ago, waiting for groupings and sales that are NOW happening, maybe a lot is happening inside my body. Just maybe, new cells are forming, bad sells are being washed away, healing may be taking place, layer upon layer. I'm waiting. We'll see.

Blessed are they that wait for the Lord. Isaiah 30:18 
The Lord is good to them that wait for Him. Lamentations 3:25