Storybook Collage (2-3 hour workshop)

One way to share our stories is by storying them with painted papers, magazine pictures, and small objects in an accordion book. Pre-made, blank books are provided for workshop participants. The book is the blank canvas to use to creatively express life stories. Participants glue pictures, words, papers and small objects onto the pages of the blank book. (See above and below.) As the books are completed, participants may share their stories, if they feel safe. They can share as little or as much as they feel comfortable sharing. Prayer is offered as the stories are shared, and truth is spoken into the shared stories. The art-making is a bridge for sharing stories.

Trauma is stored in the non-verbal parts of our brains. Using art to "tell" or reveal trauma is often easier than using words. The art-making often lifts trauma, violation and unresolved issues. 

"We wear memories in our faces, in the whorls and folds of our brains; we bear scars and burns on our bodies. Even when we desire to give up the memories that have formed us and even haunt us – we cannot. Nor should we. Patricia Hampl urges us to remember because, “we do not … simply have experience; we are entrusted with it. We must do something – make something – with them . . ." (Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers, Leslie Leland Fields)