What are "story tags?" (2 Hour Workshop)

Story tags are label tags you obtain from any office supply store, and then you share: a story, part of your story, the Gospel message, a Bible story,  or perhaps, some difficulty, shame, racism, misogyny, conflict or joy in your story, by making art on the tags. It is a small space to collage; the project does not seem overwhelming for those wanting to participate. The tags help facilitate story-telling.

By using: photos from magazines, words cut out from magazines or stamped with rubber stampers, various painted papers or specialty papers, buttons, lace, glue, etc., one can more easily share without needing a vast art making background. The items mentioned above are collaged on the cards. 
Painting papers to use in this project is a helpful part of the creative process for storytelling. I often have participants paint their own papers they will be using in collage to help the creative process to begin. 

The tags below, are Gospel Story Tags - they tell the Good News of Jesus. See a blog post on 

making tags telling God's Story from Creation To Eternity HERE.

Our own life is the thing that most influences and shapes our outlook, our tendencies, our choices and our decisions. It is the force that orients us toward the future, and yet we don’t give it a second thought, much less a careful examination. It’s time to listen to our own story.” - Dan Allender, To Be Told