Check out the video at the right on how to make a Storyrope™ 

What is a storyrope™?   (2 Hour Workshop)

A storyrope™, a trademarked way to tell one's story, can be made to help anyone tell their story in a colorful, tactile way, and then share it within a small group of people or one on one. Initially, instead of writing words or speaking words to tell our stories, a fabric-filled rope is created to represent different parts of our lives. A color is often easier to chose than even our words! We can share as little or as much as we want of our story, with a storyrope™. Storyrope™ is made and shared within a Christian worldview context.

1. Slim fabric strips of various colors are tied, by participants, along a narrow strip of fabric - which is about one meter long. As the participants tie each strip of fabric, on the one long piece, they are remembering different parts of their life stories. Some parts of our stories are dark, so dark fabric is used to represent that period of time. (Trauma, violation, racism, misogyny and loss may be lifted during this process.) Some parts are joyful, grace-filled, so brighter fabrics are tied along the "rope" to represent those parts. 

Making a storyrope™  is easy for anyone to make. No artistic skills are necessary in sharing one's story this way. It is an art form all can feel they have completed successfully. Many enjoy fabric, so it is a comfortable medium to use. It is user friendly.

2. Healing prayer is given to each participant as he or she shares his or her story. As trauma, sorrow, violation is released, we bring our stories to Jesus and His cross in order to bring them to the only One who can handle them, and forgive and release love.

3. Telling our stories can bring deeper community within a group, leadership team, ministry group.

4. All materials are provided by The Creative Call. A materials fee is included in the workshop costs. Workshop is 2 hours.

What can making a storyrope help to accomplish?  

When making a storyrope™, we may remember our stories better, perhaps revealing both joys and sorrows, to share with others. Creator of the storyrope™, Marge Malwitz, has said, "It is a tactile timeline of one's life or part of one's life." It is also a way of giving permission for many to share their stories. Making a work of art representing an individual, whether a portrait or a story rope, extends worth and value to that person. . Marge invented the story rope while working in Rwanda. 

SEE Marge Malwitz's STORY HERE.

                                                                                           Storyropesin India 

 Storyropes™ made in Cambodia.                                                            Storyropes™ Made in Hungary.

As a pastor's wife shared her story using her storyrope™(in her lap) she was overcome with grief as she recounted loosing her father. Her father was killed during the "Killing Fields" time period in Cambodia. We prayed for healing for this part of her story. Below, I am sharing my story, and my translator is explaining my story in Cambodian. I have also used different colored beads with women to make story necklaces. Each bead represents a different part of a person's story. (See photo below.)

                  Story Necklace as done in Thailand with a group of young women who were coming out of the sex traffic industry.