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“Italian Bicycle”

By December 7, 2016August 31st, 20208 Comments

Italian Bicycle, Marcia Carole, Watercolor

It’s been a very long while since my last blog post. My focus has been on living with stage four breast cancer while trying a new strategy – a chemo pill and estrogen blocking shots. I’ve made some real progress in the fight, according to my latest blood work results. With the progress, has come increased pain. However, in the midst of pain, I have fought for a new piece of art. The above painting is the first of its kind in many months.

I have lovely memories of idillic weeks of leisure in the Tuscan town of Lucca. While there, I often walked past the above scene, especially on afternoon strolls. I loved the jumble of plants, pots and bicycle. I snapped lots of photos (all looking the same) and dreamed of painting a watercolor of this scene. Well, here it is – and it’s a miracle painting.

Making art actually takes great concentration – something that is in short supply for my chemo- bruised brain. With grit, determination, and a true passion for my subject matter, I sketched this beloved scene. Then I went over the sketch in pen. Finally, I added layer upon layer of watercolor. As my mind wobbled and my body gave out with the deep ache of the residual destruction of chemo, I crawled across the art-making finish line. I hastily brought this piece to my printer in Seattle. (Before I ran out of steam.) I received amazing gicleé prints from him. I had cards printed to sell and give as gifts. All of this work seems to be a miracle of sorts. You see, these days, I take nothing for granted. Each day is, more and more, a gift.  And, well….just maybe, that’s a good place to be.



  • Donna Parrack says:

    Marcia, I love my note cards. I save them for special people.

  • Thank you so much, Donna!

  • pbhorton says:

    What a joy to hear from you! And what a gorgeous, relaxing, peaceful painting!! I dream of one day visiting Italy. May the Lord continue to give you strength, healing, and continued peace. You continue to be in my prayers.

  • Thank you so much!!

  • Eileen says:

    I love my cards too. They are so special as you are special.I pray that those who receive your gift bags with them in it are touched by your love and generosity….

  • Betty goff says:

    I am not an artist but like you I suffer from of a chronic disease. I can not work now which is hard for me. You have given me strength in your words. Thank you and praying for you. I asked god what I can do in my situation, he answered me Prayer” so that’s what I do. I know we are all here for a reason, God bless you. You words and art inspire us.

  • Susan Roquet says:

    Have the 16 x 20. Getting a frame for Christmas. Can’t wait to hand it in my Sun Room. Love the art, love you dear sweet Lady <3

  • Jacquie Reed says:

    I really like her new piece of art! The yellow is stunning and brings me joy. Thank you so much. Jacquie Reed, a reader of your blog.


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