Marcia Carole, The Creative Call

Marcia Carole is an artist, visual storyteller, public speaker, and Bible teacher who bases her work on the belief that we are all created, valued and cared for by our Master Artist. From there, she uses art to engage story. Her story. Your story. God's story. This is The Creative Call. 

She leads workshops to help others share their stories - the hard parts as well as the good - through collaged pages, story books, storyropes and story tags. Often, the pain in participants' stories are redeemed to something beautiful through the art-making, sharing and prayer. Brokenness is brought to Jesus.

She is also available for teaching Bible stories using her collaged art books, which often reach directly into participants' hearts, for the advancement of the Gospel and the lifting of trauma.

Marcia is a certified art educator and has led workshops for women, men and children in over 20 countries. She is currently fighting stage four breast cancer, and is thankful for each day. Her team continues to serve women in the Seattle area, and beyond.

A minimal materials fee and an honorarium for Marcia Carole and her team are received at the end of each workshop. These fees depend on the size of your group and length of workshop.