What is a storyrope™?   (Two-Hour Workshop)

A Storyrope™ is representative of a timeline of your life, made with small, colorful, and tactile pieces of fabric that are tied onto a long narrow strip of material. Each piece of fabric may represent an influential event, experience, or person, including sorrows, joys, difficulties, and successes. This art project provides a safe space to explore, discern, and celebrate the graces in your story. The creator of the Storyrope™ is Marge Malwitz.

This project is helpful with an individual or within a variety of groups including, but not limited to: leadership teams, bible study groups, and short-term mission teams.

What can making a storyrope™ help to accomplish?

“When making a storyrope™, we may remember our stories better, perhaps revealing both joys and sorrows, to share with others. Creator of the storyrope™, Marge Malwitz, has said, “It is a tactile timeline of one’s life or part of one’s life.” It is also a way of giving permission for many to share their stories. Making a work of art representing an individual, whether a portrait or a story rope, extends worth and value to that person. Marge invented the storyrope™ while working in Rwanda.” Marcia Gladwish


To create a Storyrope™, begin by choosing fabric of different colors, patterns, and textures that will represent events and people that have shaped your life. You may choose colors or patterns to represent trauma, harm, and loss, or times of joy and blessing. Next, you will tie each small piece of fabric in the chronological order of your story to the long piece of material, the “rope.” A paper luggage tag is provided for you to write your name, date, or any words you wish to have included on your rope. The clear pieces of plastic found in the kit are provided to represent the sense of feeling invisible, transparent, unseen, or unnoticed. Be creative and enjoy the process. This project is for your own learning and growth.

After creating your Storyrope™, take some time share with a safe person or group. Making art often helps us reach straight to our souls, and memories long hidden may surface and be brought to the light. It is usually very healing to be heard and seen by others who show you compassion, empathy, and grace. At this point, you may want to pray for one another, offer comfort to the hard parts of your story, and  thank the Lord for times of grace that you may not have seen before.

You are encouraged to date your project and journal about the process of creating your Storyrope™, including what you discovered and what each piece of fabric represents.

Supply List:

  • Strip of fabric in a variety of colors and patterns
    • Long narrow pieces of fabric: 2″ by 3′
    • Short pieces of fabric: 1″ by 12″
    • Variety of colors of ribbon: 10″
    • Paper luggage tag
  • scissors

A materials fee and an honorarium for the Creative Call are received at the end of each workshop. These fees depend on the size of your group and length of workshop.