Trained and mentored by Marcia Gladwish, Trisha Olsen and a team, lead workshops to help others process their stories using visual art.

Our workshops begin with the sharing of a Bible story, through collaged art books, revealing God’s truth and grace available for all stories. Then, you will process and engage your stories by creating a visual representation, and be given an opportunity to share, be heard, and pray for one anther.

The Creative Call has led workshops for women, men and children in over 20 countries.

A materials fee and an honorarium for the Creative Call are received at the end of each workshop. These fees depend on the size of your group and length of workshop.


We offer a variety of workshops and trainings to engage each person’s story.

“Often the pain in participants’ stories can be redeemed through the art-making, sharing, bringing brokenness to Jesus, and praising Him for His grace in our lives.” Marcia Gladwish