What is a Bible Story Book Collage? (Two-Three-Hour Workshop)

A Bible Story Collage is a representative of a book, story, or verse in the bible, to teach adults and children Biblical truths and timeless stories. Books are created from painted papers, material, and other paraphernalia. Many of the Creative Call’s workshops are begun with the teaching of a biblical story and sharing of a collaged book. Then, participants will have a chance to create their own Bible Story Book, a Storyrope™, or a collage in response to how the teaching relates to their own story.

This project is helpful with an individual or within a variety of groups including, but not limited to: leadership teams, bible study groups, and short-term mission teams.

Psalm 23 Workshop

To create a collaged book of Psalm 23, begin by learning all you can about Psalm 23 through books, sermons, teachings, etc. It is also beneficial to learn what makes a good or bad shepherd, what do sheep need, or where are sheep safe or in danger. Then collage each page to represent each verse making six pages. You may choose to create a book which communicates the literal verses or apply Psalm 23 to their own story.

For example:

  • When have I been led to green pastures providing me nourishment and rest for my soul?
  • When have I been safely provided refreshment?
  • When have I walked on a path for His name sake and glory?
  • What valleys have I walk through and was comforted by His presence, protection, and discipline?
  • When have I been provided a feast while my enemies lurked around me?
  • Where have I seen His goodness and mercy in my life?

The medium of collage may help you communicate stories in which there have been no words for. You may choose to use pictures, phrases, or words cut out from magazines, colored papers, or fabric.

After creating the book, take time to share with a safe person or group. “Making art often helps us reach straight to our souls and things long hidden may surface and be brought to the light,” Marcia Gladwish. It is usually very healing to be heard and seen by others who show compassion, empathy, and grace.  At this point in the workshop, you may want to pray for one another, offer compassion for the hard parts of your story, and thank the Lord for the graces you may not have seen before.

You are encouraged to date your project and journal about the process of creating this project and what they discovered.

Supply List:

  • Blank accordion books, or journal
  • Pictures, phrases, or words cut out of magazines
  • Painted papers or scrap book papers
  • Material
  • Ribbon
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors

A materials fee and an honorarium for the Creative Call are received at the end of each workshop. These fees depend on the size of your group and length of workshop.

“When participants at these workshops collage the Bible stories they have learned, the art helps them to internalize the stories. They can then use the art books to tell the stories to others.” Marcia Gladwish