From storyrope™ hosts:

“What a gift the story rope workshop was for everyone! Have heard about the Storyrope before but making one and hearing the stories of the ladies, made for one great deep experience. Some random thoughts from my journaling yesterday morning regarding the previous night: —-Lord, I praise you for your faithfulness in each ladies life —You are a God who Redeems —When we share our stories, we glorify you because others are able to see how you redeem the ugly/hurtful part of our stories and transform us.”

“How you have blessed us so abundantly in so many ways —the depth of sharing was surprising, the ladies were very vulnerable and open —the amount of processing that went on in a short time was amazing —praying for each other was sweet. God’s work using the ropes is not done. I sense that the ladies will continue to be processing what they did. Love my “Redemption Storyrope. With a grateful heart.”

From Creative Call Leaders:

“I am often asked why I am passionate about my Creative Call ministry?  It is because I can walk into a Creative Call gathering with a room full of nervous strangers and after creating art and sharing our stories of pain, celebration, regret, joy and discouragement Jesus heals broken hearts, fills lives with purpose, and deeply connects each participant so that we are strangers no longer.  The Creative Call is not an event, it is a holy experience of discovery, connection and freedom.” – Denise Peeler

From Marcia:

“One way to share parts of our story is to collage them. Words do not always need to be used. Some of the harder parts of our story can come out and be lifted from our hearts through art,” – Marcia Carole