Today, I cut out a number of photos from a stack of old Time magazines and asked my father to find some photos to help tell his story. He then found a glue stick and glued his pictures on an 8.5×11 piece of paper in a collage format. Then, I asked him to explain what he had made through the process of collage. I hope to share a couple of photos of his artwork when I return home.

It is interesting to see what a profound affect his Father’s departure from the family had on him. He chose a picture of a little boy with the word “rejected” to represent that period of his life. Through hard work and lots of education, he has been able to achieve a very comfortable life in America. However, the relationship with his father seemed most important.

As a daughter who uses art to help others share their stories, I enjoyed “leading” the art making with my father. I got to know him better, he said he really enjoyed doing it, and we had some special creative time together.

The Italian Flag – flying for my father who immigrated, via Ellis Island, from Italy quite a few years ago.


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