Marcia Carole, pre-chemo, with hair. Painting along the Danube in Hungary.

My hair has begun to grow back; it is shockingly platinum blonde. I look at myself in the mirror, blonde buzz cut topping my frame, and say, “Who IS that?” Then, I pop on my favorite wig, chuckle and say, “So, that’s how movie stars do it.”

I need a tan to go with my newer blonde color, but Seattle is completely lacking in consistent sunlight. It is a slightly hopeless place for vitamen D and rosey cheeks. This Seattle, white woman needs color somewhere! Possibly, the blonde may darken as it comes in because I have been told the color cells could have been shot with the chemo as well. Time will tell.

It will be months to a year for my hair to grow back. Just one of the things one doesn’t quite understand going into chemo. This is a free heads up for any of you out there with friends on chemo. Please cheer us and our wisps of hair on as we repair. I am thankful to have the beginnings of hair, again. I promise to not complain, but be very thankful about my hair type, even if it comes in curly. I’m just hoping and praying it returns.

Lots of hats!

No matter, for now. I have a veritable menagerie of hats, wigs and caps. I usually wear the same few hats over and over because they are the most comfortable. So many caring friends have given me hats. I am quite the hat fashion statement. Someday, I hope to bless other women with my hats, although, I plan on keeping a few to remind me of what God has brought me through. I’m looking forward to a new head of hair!

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered (by God.) Luke 12:7


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