The Drink of a Lifetime, Painted Papers Collage, Marcia Carole

Cover for The Drink of a Lifetime, Marcia Carole

What a glorious Sunday we had, in the end. It took much of the day for the sun to come out, but the wait was worth it. I enjoyed fellowship with AIM class friends, getting together with several folks for a potluck, watering flowers, a Skype call with my youngest daughter and two walks. Why two walks?

One walk was with five friends, and, I remarked, of all my walks this year, it was the walk with the most people. After that walk, I think we formed a very loosely knit group of walkers who would hold each other accountable to walk often. Maybe. I needed to walk an additional half hour to keep up with what I have been doing, so I did a walk/jog later in the day. The first walk was much more fun.

Lastly, after all the activities of the day, I glued down the “pages” for this story I had made while in Marge’s studio. I’d been wanting to get to this final part of the project for several days. Today, it finally came together. I am looking forward to using it cross-culturally in the days ahead, no matter how many or few there will be.

Oh! Teach us to live well!
Teach us to live wisely and well! – Psalm 90:12 (The Message)


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