I’ve been painting papers for making collage books on the stories of both Hagar and Hannah, two important women in the Bible account. Women have a great role to play in sharing God’s Story of love and redemption beginning in the Old Testament, and culminating in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus: God come as man to rescue us. God loves women.

I am putting the book on Hagar together first. She was a slave girl who was trying to escape her abuser by fleeing into the wilderness. There, she met the loving God of the Universe. She found out He is the God who hears and sees us, no matter where we are, no matter how far we seem to be from Him.

These are six of the ten pages of the book. I want to be very intentional in having a real sense of unity of color, so the book comes across as one piece of art.

I enjoyed making many layers of color in these painted papers, and it was fun to add texture to the sky. Since the setting is the hot, Middle-East region, I wanted a hot feeling sky. Tomorrow, I hope to begin gluing down shapes and strips of paper into place. It will be exciting to see which twists and turns the creative process will take me, as the book is brought forth.


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