Typically, a visual artist has several pieces of work going at once. Some are in the process of being created, painted, drawn or sculpted. Others are being created in our mind’s eye. Those pieces are percolating in our hearts and minds, and often our souls. We talk to God about them, or/and we share our percolations with trusted friends. Groups can be formed to talk about and encourage the artwork found in our thoughts.

Yesterday, I asked a few fellow artists if they are going to submit work for the Easter exhibit at our church. One artist passionately shared she has four paintings in her head. Another artist drew out his idea in the space between us. Another shared he had the wooden boards out and ideas percolating. I was incredibly thankful they included me in their process and shared where they were in that process. Their meditating/thinking/percolating/praying through it all part of making art is vitally important.

Today, I am plugging along on completing a couple of pieces that I have been working on simultaneously. I am excited to finish gluing down the pages of a new collaged book of the account of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. While that piece is drying, I’ll add layers to my Easter piece of Jesus, in anguish in the garden, the night before His death.

And so the process continues……and a collaged book on Hannah and also Ruth are percolating.


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