Tulip cards from original watercolor, Marcia Carole

I’ve just received an order of cards with my cheery red tulips on the front. I’ll be selling these at an event in April, and I hope they make nice Mother’s Day gifts. I hope to have my lavender cards by then as well. Spring and summer flowers everywhere on this grey Seattle day!

Yesterday, I had my three month check-up with my oncologist. He actually seemed mildly optomistic with my progress. That is a big deal if a medical doctor seems happy or encouraged with progress in ridding oneself of the cancer. He attributes progress to the chemo pill I am taking. Supposedly, this pill takes longer than IV chemo, which I had plenty of, and is less harsh on my good cells.

I think this progress is due to a “concert” going on that is helping in destroying those nasty cancer cells. No, not just playing Mozart, although that is supposed to kill cancer cells, but healing prayer, faith in Jesus, diet, crazy green smoothies, exercise, rest, water, lack of stress, the chemo pill, art-making and loving friends are my musicians in this concert for healing. Let the music play on!

Who through faith . . . out of weakness were made strong. —Hebrews 11:33-34


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