Packing the art in my suitcase, Marcia Carole

It is time, once again, to head out to a far flung place. My art is packed, as well as the supplies for women to tell their stories through art-making. Clothing I know I’ll need, gets a bit of space – but there isn’t quite enough room with the heart pillow in my suitcase. Have I ever talked about how I use the heart pillow for teaching? That will have to be another blog post.

I may or may not have an opportunity to blog on my journey. Hmmmm. It just might be nice to be off the grid for a few days. Even if I am not in touch, you know I’ll be making art or helping others to make art and share their stories. I’d appreciate prayer as I go. Thanks for being on this journey with me!

A Cambodian woman sharing her story with me.

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