There are two important gardens in the Bible narrative. The first is the well know Garden of Eden. That’s where Adam and Eve chose to trust a lie, trust themselves, and trust they would to be gods with the bite of an apple/rebellion against their loving God. It seems so odd to so many of us now, but I know my own frame, and too often, I trust lies, trust myself, and act like my own god. It’s not what I want to do. Honestly. Being a Christian now, I am very thankful I know there is a better Way. That Way is to follow Jesus. And, to follow Him out of that first garden.

In The Garden, Acrylic on canvas, Marcia Carole

The second important garden in the Bible is the Garden of Gethsemane. There, Jesus wrestled with God. “Lord,” He pleads. “Do I have to do this? Is there any other way?” The plan was to lay down His life, take the just punishment for all humankind’s sins, and transfer His righteousness to mere mortals. No, there is no other way. It’s an amazing, sacrificial love story, the best redemption story in the universe. Jesus undoes all that was done in the first garden. He gives us the only way out.


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