Fresh Giclee prints of my artwork – on sale on Saturday.

After many of hours of organizing and packaging art cards and prints, I sold a number of pieces, alongside several other artists and artisans on Saturday. I’m still hoping for an outlet for the art cards and prints, although I enjoy the time I have with my friends when we sell like this. It was often very wet and cold outside on Saturday, so fewer folks nudged themselves outdoors and over to the sale than at Christmas time.

I think each of these “shows” help build some things in me as an artist. This show is quite different than showing in a gallery or online selling. However, it is a way of reaching a deadline, a way of showing my work, it’s time not thinking about cancer, and a time to re-connect with those who appreciate my work along with a time to meet new friends of the art. And, most delightful of all – I was in a house full of friends who love to create! All in all, it was a lovely day!

My latest cards – Lovely Lavender 


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