Using art, I am helping women share their stories. That is what God has called me to do. Soon, I will be on assignment! I have two local workshops coming up and one quite far away.(Cameroon) It is exciting to prepare and gather the various supplies we will be using. Having a variety of colors, pictures, ribbons, buttons, stamps, painted papers and some words, helps participants when designing their collaged books for telling life stories. Simply the process of making the art is very therapeutic.

Here is one woman’s story in a collage book. As the women share, burdens or hurts are often lifted.

Another woman’s story unfolds through the art. Good memories are brought to the light as well.

Here, a third woman shares her story through her collaged book. Often, the women pray for each other as they end their time together. Becoming transparent, we are able to live more honestly with each other and gain hope for healing.


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