I have just received a big box of my postcards with my art reproduced on the front, and a verse in three languages on the back. I use Modern Postcard in California for the work. I hope to hand these out in upcoming workshops, especially when I tell the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. There are hints of the cross and the second tree – as opposed to the tree in the garden of Eden. Here, we see, the promised Messiah will be coming from this family.

Today, I have a CT scan to see if the cancer has really diminished. It seems like it has, but this test may highlight cancer activity deep inside my body. I am praying for good results, and I am trusting God no matter the outcome. Jesus loves me, and I am staying very close to Him. That said, I am really wanting my oatmeal and blueberries, but will have to satisfy my hunger later on today!


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