I’ll be tucking this completed book of the story of Ruth in my suitcase, full of art, when I travel to Cameroon and Ethiopia. Happily, it is almost finished. Right now, it is drying and flattening under a mound of heavy books!

It was good to sit with my doctor for a while today. I like that he does not rush in and then rush out. He said I will always be stage 4(made me cry), however, my lungs are almost clear – big change from last year, and my tumor is shrinking. He showed me the first CT scan and the most recent one. Big change! Because the cancer had spread throughout my body, I will need to live close to the Lord, keep life simpler, take my naps, create, and listen to Mozart and Puccini!

He said to keep on doing what I am doing, and I could do this for twenty years. That’s a much longer prognosis than I have ever received from him. I was sad about the stage four part, but very happy all the prayer, hard work of the diet, walking, less stress and the medicine are all working to diminish the cancer. He said to have fun in Africa, and see you in three months. So, I have the green light from him!


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