Painting in my outdoor “studio.” I am working on the reconciliation piece.

I used to be afraid of using color in my work. I think it was all a part of my notion that I did not want to make a mistake. If I made a mistake IN COLOR, surely someone would notice more easily. This was all subconscious, and I could not have explained it years ago. Eventually, I had to get past the I don’t want to make a mistake idea, and embrace the fact that I will always make mistakes. However, some mistakes, might actually be breakthroughs into better art.

Along my art journey, I also realized that the PROCESS of making the art is my real school master. So, I decided to take risks with color, make mistakes with color, and learn. Each time I make art, I learn some things for a next piece. Even if my current piece is not a successful one, ends in the trash, I will have learned valuable lessons for future work. If you’d like further reading on this, try Shaun McNiff’s book called Trust The Process. It is a great read for visual artists.

When I was in Cameroon, I had a few of my collaged books with me. They were tools in my art toolbox for sharing story. I was hoping to share my book on Abraham, Sarah and Hagar – slip it in somewhere during our time with the ladies. I was really happy with all the colors I had used in the book. However, there was no wiggle room with the schedule. Usually, in the countries I travel to, there is all sorts of time for meaningful conversations and sharing of life stories. Not so at this particular conference.

I did share my collaged book of Ruth, and I think it was an important one to use in Cameroon. Ruth faced incredible obstacles and held tightly to God throughout her journey.

Sharing the book of Ruth in Cameroon, Africa. This book was made using African fabrics and buttons. Lots of color and patterns! I’m not afraid of yellow and orange anymore!

Stay tuned for my report on my time in Ethiopia….yes, I did get to use the Abraham, Sarah and Hagar book!


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