Mourning Into Dancing, Acrylic on Canvas, Marcia Carole

It’s been fun and exciting to, just about, complete this piece. I’ve worked almost around the clock going over every area, then sitting back, looking to see how the colors are moving around the canvas. I think I’ll put a final, clear layer on the entire piece to preserve it a bit more. I like the movement. It reminds me of Africa.

Part of the reason for working around the clock is because I am allergic to Seattle fir trees and grasses, so I basically can’t breath. No worries, or so I thought. I’ll break down and get some Clariton D. I had been holding off because my body seems so sensitive to any medications, at this point. I don’t know if it is post chemo, or the vegan, organic diet, but my body flips out when I put medicine into it.

I needed to breath, so I took one Clariton. My body started slowing down about 3 hours later, but then my heart began racing, and that has continued into the night. So, I doubt I can take any more Clariton. I hate to say this, but we need a good rain to wash away the pollen.

I’ll keep painting in the meanwhile!

Here is one of the paintings I saw in Cameroon at a wonderful art gallery. There, we found beautiful, hand-died fabrics, woodworking objects and paintings. I like the movement portrayed with the hands and the drums of this painting. This gallery was a welcome oasis of beauty.


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