God’s Story, acrylic on canvas, in process, Marcia Carole

As I paint this piece, I spend a lot of time thinking about God’s big story throughout history. I am thinking through scripture passages, praying for divine help in making symbols to represent the Master Artist’s story, as well as His plan of rescue for mankind and His heart of grace and goodness. It is a beautiful story, and I pray my artwork reflects that in a small way.

The paint doesn’t flow as easily as it did in India, on the wall, when I was working on the mural. Acrylic out of tubes is different; I see many areas need a second layer of paint. I am happy with the glazes I painted for the background of the tree, and I think the vivid colors contrast well with the burnt umber of the lines in the mehndi style.

I’ll keep at it today. It will be interesting where the Lord will take me in the painting of the branches and “leaves.” I am enjoying the journey of this one, and I am thankful to be able to keep making art in this style! I am also thankful my hair grew back after all the chemo – yes, that is my hair. 🙂 God “painted in” my curls once again. That’s a winsome part of the story He is creating in my life.

Yes, I’m painting His story, but it’s all a part of the story He is painting of me! His story is incomplete without my story.


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