Marcia Carole, sharing her Abraham book, mixed media collage. (Thank you to Eric Hanson for the photo.)

During a recent two week trip to Cambodia, I shared a variety of my mixed media, collaged art books that I use to tell Bible stories. At one site, Sak Saum, I shared the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. I brought out the Biblical truth that, the God of the Bible, is the one, true God who sees and hears us. Then, the young people I shared this story with, had time to collage responses to the story. Each one used their creativity in unique ways! Below are some photos of our afternoon together, with thanks to Eric Hanson at Sak Saum for some of the photos. Blessings to Ginny, Eric, Teavy, Noelle, Emily, Zoey and all at Sak Saum.

For more information on Sak Saum, check out their terrific website here:Sak Saum


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