Telling the story of the prodigal son at a brick factory community in Cambodia.

The story of the father with two sons, one older, one younger – The Prodigal Son – is a story I have collaged in book form, and I often share it when I travel. It is a story Jesus told, a parable, about someone lost. When telling this story from the Bible, I highlight our Heavenly Father’s heart for each of us. He longs for relationship with each of us, and is looking for us to return to Him. He longs to have us love Him, His heart, not merely the things He can give us. He is the father who loves unconditionally.

It was in the 90s with high humidity; the community had laid out a large tarp to sit on to hear the story. It was very hot, but it was certainly a privilege for me to share the Gospel through this part of the Bible.

Storying the Bible in Cambodia! The pastor we worked with was a real Bible scholar.
To read the story of the prodigal for yourself, check it out here: The Prodigal Son.


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