Little Nicaragua, Watercolor on Paper, Marcia Carole

I began this painting of plumera while spending a couple of months working and living in Nicaragua. My time in Los Cedros was good, hard, deeply satisfying and profoundly encouraging. The friendships I have there are eternal. I love the women I spent time with, and Pastor, Pastora and their daughters are very dear to my heart. They are like beautiful flowers in my heart.

It’s taken me a bit of time to return to this piece, however, while cleaning out the garage, I found it again. While holding this little work in progress, I was flooded with the special memories I have from my stay in Nicaragua. Although it’s about 27 degrees outside, it’s nice and warm painting bright “Little Nicaragua” in my kitchen. I will continue to finish it with the goal of bringing it to the printer next week. I’d like to make art cards with this one to help raise funds for the work ahead in the new year!

Maybe, I will even return to Los Cedros next year. Until then, this will be my hug from far away for all the precious friends in Nicaragua!


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