Story Rope, My Story, Marcia Carole

This past week, I trained a good friend in how to share one’s story with a “story rope.” She helps men and women, in a variety of trainings and seminars, to process their stories using words and charts. She wanted to consider adding the story rope making to the work she is already doing. So, she came to my “studio” and first made her own story rope. After she shared her story with the story rope she had made, I prayed with her through her story. It was a very special one on one training!

She has since emailed me, and she and her husband have been fabric and ribbon shopping, so they will be taking story ropes to their conference in Sweden coming up in early March. (They are even bringing some of his colorful ties to use as the base for some men to tell their stories. Great idea.  ) I am so thankful we had the time together, just before she left, in order for me to pass on a new way of storying! May she and many others be blessed through the story rope making.

Look HERE for how to make a story rope.


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