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When I am about to go on an international outreach, or even lead a local art workshop, I am seeing I need to articulate, better, what it is that I do. That way, what I don’t do may more easily come off the table and out of the minds of those thinking about being a part of the art making. So often, when one says, “Art project,” the participants, and even hosts, think craft project – like summer camp.

The type of art I do is a bridge for the releasing of stories, trauma and deep idols. The process of making the art is often vitally important in that releasing. When participants are given truth in which to frame their stories, and each day of their lives, things shift in heads and hearts.

One woman’s story.

So, with a couple of trusted friends who are very supportive of this work, we came up with a statement to give to folks who might be interested in this type of art making. I’ll give future hosts the statement and ask to go over it with them, before I accept a speaking engagement or overseas trip. I hope it will help narrow down possible outreaches and workshops to the ones where they are most beneficial and desired. Here is the statement:

“Marcia Carole, and her team, help bring the heart of Jesus and Biblical truth into hearts of women and children. She uses a variety of art media to create a bridge connecting God’s story with each individual story. Marcia enables many to see how their stories connect with God’s greater story of forgiveness and redemption. Each of our stories matter deeply to God. Women become more transparent in sharing their stories so trauma, unforgiveness and idols may be released, through this art work.  This type of focused art making assists in the journey towards healing, and it brings women and children closer to Jesus .”

One woman in Turkey is beginning to share her story through the art making.


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