Here is a quick overview of how to make brightly colored painted papers for story collage. A sunny day makes for fun painting!

I try to use at least three or four colors for each of my painted papers. I put the paint on a paper plate. I use acrylic paint to paint my watercolor or bristol board papers. Papers used for print making work really well, too.  Above, you can see a variety of brands of acrylics, but I prefer “Golden” for colors that really sing or pop, as my daughter, Annie would say.

I use brushes and sponges for rapidly made lines and shapes of vivid color. I dip the brushes or sponges in fresh water. Often, I wet the blank paper before I begin painting.

I use the painting tool in a variety of ways to make a variety of textures. Above, I am thinking of collaging sky, water and even windows for collaged house shapes.

Then, I try to make a palette of colors for participants of my workshops, or for me to use in my personal work.
Part II of Painting Papers Can Be Found HERE


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