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When I am collaging a story, whether it is mine or another’s, I try to get at the essence of each part of the story, then use colors, shapes and pictures to make “visible that which is invisible.” “What is the most important aspect of that part of the story?,” I ask myself. How will I artfully, visually represent individual sections of the over-arching story?

Getting to the essence of story is very much a process. I lay down colors and shapes, then take away much of it. I am looking for simplicity, for visuals to “tell the story, but tell it slant” as Flannery O’Connor would say. How can I have the art work speak to the viewer’s heart? It first has to grip my own heart, and then I move on from there.

My work is celebratory and doxological – I am worshipping God as I make the art. I am celebrating His story, and I am worshipping my Creator God. Then, I hope to share the work in order to bring others to worship the one, true God, for He is worthy of all our worship.


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