Ponte Veccio Yellows, painted papers, Marcia Carole

On my recent trip to Italy, I collaged The Ponte Veccio, a famous bridge in Florence, in a couple of ways. I really enjoyed making the above version with cut painted papers and marble paper. The Ponte Veccio is a cheery, multi-shades of yellow menagerie. Houses and shops built one upon another, with windows tucked here and there, float across a series of three brown arcs. The blue-green Arno River lazily lies below the arcs. (Little can be seen of the gold and silver treasures housed in the shops, and I prefer it that way.)

“During WWII, the Ponte Vecchio was not destroyed by Germans during their retreat of August 4, 1944, unlike all other bridges in Florence. This was allegedly, according to many locals and tour guides, because of an express order by Hitler. Access to Ponte Vecchio was, however, obstructed by the destruction of the buildings at both ends, which have since been rebuilt using a combination of original and modern design.” (Wikipedia)

Next, I hope to paint a watercolor of this splash of colors bridge with lots of bright yellows and ochres.


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