I’ve had a wonderful visit from a friend, Trisha, from Seattle. Trisha also uses art to engage story, and she really seems to thrive when making her art. While she was with me, she collaged Psalm 23 without any words or pictures; just painted papers. It was quite a stretch, but she did an excellent job. We discussed trying to get to the “essence” of a concept, object or thought when making art. Let’s start with a definition of essence –  the basic nature of a thing : the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is.

Beginning with a magazine photo, I practice getting to the “essence” by simplifying shapes and blocks of color.

My first attempt is still fairly realistic, but the second one is simpler, and more closely the “essence’ of the lighthouse and its setting.

The Lighthouse, Marcia Carole, Collage, Acrylic Papers, roughly 8 cut pieces of painted paper.

What I should do is to try to use 3 or 4 pieces of painted papers to get even closer to the essence of the lighthouse. Maybe tomorrow. That’s all on essence for today! Thanks, Trisha, for the visit to my new place in Colorado Springs.


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