Marcia Carole Teaching Psalm 23 in Connecticut

At the close of September, I had the opportunity to travel to Connecticut for a week to participate in training leaders, with art tools, to collage personal stories and the Bible. Marge Malwitz ( and I served four women leaders, in Marge’s amazing teaching studio…

Marge, teaching in her studio about essence and abstract art.

Marge, sharing God’s Story quilt.

We challenged the women to just feel, not think their art – going abstract, and to process the essence of a story with colors and shapes, as well as to tell stories with collaged pages. It was one of those experiences where I felt I gained more than I gave. We encouraged them in believing the process of making the art was just as valuable (or more) as the finished work.

Marcia Carole teaching how to make a cross collage page to tell one’s story.

Each woman is a jewel, and I pray what they learned will help them in their work and walk with Jesus. For several days, we lived together, shared meals and made art. The space we shared was filled with Marge’s beautiful artwork, and inspired each of us as we worked on our creations. Thank you, Marge, for your generosity!

Teaching from my art books on the last night of the workshop. We called this “salon” time. It was a time to share work and stories. I hope to continue to make space in my life for gatherings and teaching times like this!

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