Preparing For Gideon Collage

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Gideon Collage, Marcia Carole

This project goes with the study of Gideon. I’ll be teaching this one next week, so I am preparing 8 inch squares, painted papers and magazine pictures for the women to use. The account of Gideon and his work can be found in Judges 6. We meet him cowering in a wine press, secretly threshing wheat. Gideon views himself as alone, afraid and small. You can read his story here in Judges 6 in the Bible.

The four questions to ask for the four quadrants participants will collage for this project are:
“When was there a time when you felt alone?”
“When was there a time when you felt afraid?”
“When was there a time when you felt small?”
“How does God see you?”

After participants collage parts of their story, your group can have a time of sharing and praying, bringing the healing of Jesus and speaking truth into each persons story. You can use these resources for the “How does God see you?” quadrant. Blessings on your time together!

Here are some words for the fourth quadrant. Hope this helps you!


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