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Mehndi Christmas Cards To Tell The Story

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The Angel Visits Mary, Marcia Carole, Watercolor, mehndi pen and ink

During my first visit to India, I had the pleasure of learning the mehndi(henna) art form. I practiced at night during my stay with my amazing host family. Additionally, the women in my host family and I ran over to the mall to get mehndi on our hands. There, I saw men working quickly to make beautiful designs with ink.


Only took five to ten minutes!


All Decked Out!

Eventually, we all practiced on a wall in my bedroom, which was one of the highlights of my visit. Then, I took my new-found skill to an entryway of an English language school.

At the school, I sketched out a large mural in the entry area. Then, as I painted, I invited students and another excellent artist living there, to take a turn at painting on the mural. I learned a lot! I love collaboration, so this part was great fun for me.


I eventually came home and created a painting called The Tree Of Life, in response to my experiences in India. This painting tells God’s story found in the Bible. In the painting, I connected our stories to God’s story. You can see more on this HERE. (You can see all the posts on this painting in “September 2013 on my website.)


Then, as Christmas was approaching, I decided to try to create Christmas cards to tell the story of the coming of Jesus. I began making watercolor painted squares, and then I drew the annunciation, the nativity, and the visitation of the shepherds by the angels – the basic story of Jesus’ arrival among us. I had quite a bit of preparation in drawing in the mehndi style before making the cards, but I am still not as fast and agile as those artists in the mall!


Rejoice! Emmanuel Has Come, Marcia Carole, watercolor, pen and ink


The Angels Visit The Shepherds, Marcia Carole, watercolor, pen and ink

I’ve got the Christmas cards ordered, and I will post, when they arrive, on how you can order them. Check back soon! Thank you!


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