Bible Story Collage

Being Brave

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Still Life With Open Bible, Vincent Van Gogh

In order to collage Bible stories, I study. I study the Bible, and I listen to the spoken Bible reciting the passage I will collage. I read history of the time period. I listen to sermons on the passage. I read other people’s thoughts on the passage I will collage. I read the passage again, and listen for God to speak with me about the passage. I wait on making the art. I begin to internalize the passage; the Word works on my heart – even before I begin the art.


You can’t just rush into collaging the Bible.

Then, I paint papers, with acrylic paints on watercolor paper, to use in my new book. I have the whole book in my mind’s eye, the colors, the scenes, and the rise and fall of the action. I know it may change as I actually start making the book, but I’ll have a “palette” of colors on paper to work with that the story prompted me to paint.


Marcia Carole Painting Papers For Storying.

To be continued as my next story unfolds! I’ll be storying a woman’s tale of being brave. I’m trying to be brave in tackling the whole project!




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