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If you’ve been around my blog at all, you’ve “heard” me share my difficulties in making friends in Colorado Springs. There are many reasons for my not connecting with others easily, and some fault lies with me, as well as my solitude in the studio, helping with my grandsons, and some travel. However, my heart’s cry is to make connection here.


God, full of wonder and mercy, has brought a young woman from Hong Kong into my life – to mentor, share a bit of life when I am in town, and exchange ideas.  No, she’s not from Denver or Boulder or even Colorado Springs, but Hong Kong! My friend, Janet, is a student in a counseling school here with YWAM so she can become an art therapist back in Hong Kong. She is a social worker, but wants to use art to help others tell their stories in non-verbal ways – at least at first. What a terrific vision!


We connected in Seattle during missions weekend. Janet excitedly came to my table and asked how art, story and sharing faith could all be connected. That’s what she wanted to do! Before we knew it, in God’s providence, Janet was on a plane to Colorado Springs for her counseling training, and weekend training in art with me.


During our sessions, Janet has learned – so far – how to tell her story with a storyrope™, as well as through a Psalm 23 collaged book, and by creating a collaged mask. We’ve discussed at length how these projects can be used in her work, how they might be expanded or adapted. When we spent time discussing the 2 sides of the mask she made, Janet thought it might be helpful for the participant to place Scripture or a picture of how God cares or acts towards us in our dark times. If we are living deep loneliness, what does God say or do in the midst of our loneliness? Brilliant!


It’s been fun hosting Janet; our discussions and prayer times have been rich and mutual. My grandsons have fully embraced her as well. The day after our Easter celebration, which Janet attended, Caleb asked, “Where is Janet?” I explained she lived at the YWAM school, but would be back the following weekend. He just embraced her into our little family so easily! What a great heart he has! And what a perfect, good heart God has for us in bringing people into our lives – even from faraway Hong Kong!


Janet even collaged me a thank you card for our sessions together!

Let them sacrifice thank offerings and tell of God’s works with songs of joy. Psalm 107


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