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Lucca, Italia Journal

By April 24, 2015August 31st, 2020One Comment


I’ve been working on finishing my collaged art journal of Lucca, Italia this week. I began in May, 2014! Here, I have some original watercolors mixed in with photos and collaged painted papers. I hope to finish in the next few days.


Marge Malwitz and I had such a restorative and restful trip to Italy last May. We soaked in beauty, and responded with our own art-making. Check out Marge’s work at:Marge Malwitz. Marge is my art and “art engaging story” mentor.


It is always an honor to learn from Marge. She has an amazing design background, and gently leads me in making better art. I might make one well designed page to her twelve, but I am thankful for the one.



Each journal I make helps me to grow. I cut and move shapes around until I sense the shapes are dancing together in harmony.


I think Marge and I should take off for another trip of learning and soaking up beauty. Maybe, I’d create a couple of more pages with good design. Every artist really needs trips like these! Especially, for the naps!!!


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