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Art Interrupted ?

By October 3, 2015August 31st, 20202 Comments

I have put off blogging about a recent development with my health. I was having so much fun sharing my faith with art around the world. However, because I have friends who might want to know, my cancer has returned in full force. I have begun another round of chemotherapy, and will probably be fighting my stage 4 breast cancer with chemo for quite a few months. Even so, I hope to make art as I can, and share with you a few projects I completed right before my treatment began. Two of my daughters cared for me during my first chemo, pictured below. What encouragement they have been! They have shown up and shown up, over and over again. (*See below for info on a very special book on showing up.)


First chemo session with two of my daughters. Katie and Virginia, thank you!

I’ll give you a sneak peak at my latest collaged art book………..


The new book cover.


This is based on the parable of the one who built(trusted) his house on the rock, and the one who built(trusted) his house on the sand.


The one who built his house on the rock suffered through the storm, has some scars, but remains standing firm.

Making this book has encouraged my own heart to stand firm in my faith, and my rock, Jesus, as I try to grasp a few more years with my loved ones by doing more chemo. Stay tuned as I share more, and another book I recently completed.

And thanks for any prayer during these months of fighting and creating.

*Be sure to check out the book, Just Show Up: The Dance Of Walking Through Suffering by fellow cancer fighter, Kara Tippetts and her showing up friend, Jill Lynn Buteyn. JUST SHOW UP 🙂


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