I have begun a weekly regimen of chemotherapy for breast cancer. As the chemo goes in, it doesn’t really feel badly at all, especially after the nurse is finally able to find a vein. It is several hours later that the real work, war, seemingly chaotic events seem to go on in my body. Beginning with total exhaustion, escalating to fever, sweats, headache, numbness of feet, and general feeling of fullness, I ponder eating in a new, non-interested way. Dry toast looks really amazing.

My dear friend, Vickie, came for several days from Seattle, to help me through the first treatment. She was so generous of her time, her voice, her gifts of comfort and encouragement. She prayed for me throughout her visit. Her singing in the shower cheered me. She made sure my bed and surrounding area was neat and tidy. She helped make sure I had good food and good books. She wrote out scripture verses for me to meditate on and rest in. She made sure I started walking each day as we realized exercise might extend my life. And, she sang over me, singing songs her mother sang to her. Not having had a mom who sang over me, this gift was the sweetest of all.

Vickie also painted papers with me so I could work on my collaged stories. I am beginning a book on the Parable of the Sower, the Seed and the Soils. Yesterday, I felt strong enough to begin the pages of this collaged book. (See photo above.) Chemo and the Soils? I am seeing parallels; the chemo needs to go into me to be productive, and the Gospel needs to penetrate deeply into a person’s heart and understanding in order for him or her to truly know and love Jesus. I am so appreciative Vickie took the time to help prepare for the creative part of my recovery – really my most favorite part of laying low for hours on end. I so enjoy making art and sharing faith through story. Thank you for joining in this part of the journey.  ♪♪♫♫♪♪


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