Today, after a week of drinking water non-stop, lots of rest, Bible study with Dad, praying, headaches, aches, tingles, numbing toes and art making, I headed to my second chemo appointment. Many were praying that the nurse would find a vein more easily this go round, as last time was rather difficult.  What relief it was when she found a vein easily and quickly. A vein on the first try!

Virginia, my youngest daughter, sat with me as the chemo dripped in via the IV. She spent time to pray as the chemo was coming in, she read Psalms to me and sang to me. She shared some of her favorite encouraging songs with me via her iPod and headphones, as I rested under warm blankets.

Later, she made certain I got my walk in around the pond and cheered me on. She also sang some songs to me. “Remember when we sang these with Mrs. Sawyer?” Virginia quips encouragingly. Hmm. That was years ago, and yet, they are fresh on her mind to draw from to minister to a hobbling mom fresh from chemo.

I’ve started a watercolor (see above), thanks to my missions pastor buying and sending me lovely watercolor paints from Daniel Smith. My subject matter is a house drenched in water in Poipet, Cambodia; my team rode past this house often on the outreach there. I’m not happy with the paper I have, but I’ll be patient and add layer upon layer to try to create definition.  I think there may be a parallel in my life, when considering my patience with the paint as well as with the chemo, as the layers are added.


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