Evening Pears, Watercolor, Marcia Carole 

It has been quite the “work” week, even though I don’t have employment beyond fighting cancer. However, this fight is definitely a job. One needs a full range of skills for this particular vocation – patience, endurance, courage, perseverence, a strong body (????), thoughtful mind(if possible), nurtured soul, filled spirit and deep trust in a loving Heavenly Father. Unlike my teaching vocation, I’ve seen it’s best to keep my mouth shut these harder weeks; I hate to admit it, but sometimes I say things that are a little less than my best.

Just like most other jobs, I can’t do this one alone. I can finish up a watercolor, but Alice must drive me to the printer – no driving for me while on chemo. I can sometimes make spinach smoothies, but someone must buy the spinach, bananas and berries for me or take me to said supplies. I can do my 30-50 minutes of exercise, but I need cheering on to get out and keep walking. Or, I need an arm to hobble with around the block. I can “get through”, endure, another day feeling weepy and depressed, but friends: pray, call, Skype, bring me a meal, check on me and help me endure that day.

Often, I miss my sense of humor. Where did it go? I wish I could be more light-hearted, but I can’t.

I fight fatigue, then give up and nap at odd hours. Alice makes lunch, and I eat it lying down on my side, Roman style, because it is too hard to sit up. (Lounging is highly under-rated.) I perk up, finish a watercolor or practice piano and then collapse again. I rest with a movie, Alice often joining me. I do the work of putting on my pajamas and re-settle into bed, exhausted.

It is work to heal. I can’t do it alone; I am blessed to have Jesus and my wonderful community of family and friends. They are interrupting their busy days and showing me mercy.  Thanks for helping me through my “work week!”

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. —Matthew 5:7


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