Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.

Standing Hopefully, Painted Papers Collage, Marcia Carole

The cashier at the second art store I drove to yesterday understood me, at least my right brainness. I mentioned to her my frustrations with myself at how slowly I mail off prints people purchase from me. “What is wrong with me?” I ask her. “Mailing things off is a left brain activity,” she quickly replies. “It’s like slogging through honey.” “That’s it!” I exclaim. “You know me!”

Unfortunately or probably more accurately, fortunately, I imagine(something I enjoy), creatives have to live in a world of left brain responsibilities and left brained friends who struggle to understand right brainness. It keeps us working at life and our relationships. It keeps us doing the dishes. Otherwise, we’d be forever in our studios deep in thought, mixing colors and humming a little to ourselves.

Making art is an incredibly hopeful activity. As we artists problem solve and explore using colors, textures, lights, darks and shapes, we wander down different creative paths, end up in a different place and wander off again – on a single canvas or piece of paper. What fun!

Hang in there, left-brainers. We right brainers always have tremendous hope that all our wanderings will lead somewhere important and meaningful. I don’t think we’d begin if we didn’t have hope. Maybe that plays into why I have hope in fighting cancer? I certainly have hope, rooted in my faith, that good will come of it.

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